Mowing Your Lawn
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This web site is dedicated to my Grandmother Mrs. Patience Sloan of Philadelphia, Pa.

She could grow anything. We would go to Longwood Gardens, Waterloo Gardens and Plants Shows when I was little. Her ashes are here in our flower bed next to the pond.

I wish all of you had a chance to meet her.
She now helps God, with his gardens! 

Passed away at the age of 95, in 1998. 

Mowing Your Lawn

Salt Alternatives.

by Joel Allen on 12/30/18

There are several products that can be used instead of Salt. • Sand, clean kitty litter, and used coffee grounds. These products provide great at traction absorb sunlight contributing to melting. Will not harm nearby plants. • Ashes for those with a wood burning fireplace, ashes are great option. They provide a lot of traction and absorb sunlight. Good for sunny day. • Beet juice being used on highway on it won or mixed with salt, safe and natural allows ice to melt even when air temperatures are extremely cold. • Potassium acetate, calcium magnesium acetate Acetates are supper-effective even at extremely low temperatures and are biodegradable. • ”Chlorides”: calcium chloride, magnesium chloride, potassium chloride Rock salt (sodium chloride) works better at low temperatures. Calcium chloride is preferred choice over magnesium chloride, as it works at lower temperatures and is applied at lower rate, leading to less chloride in streams. Potassium chloride is considered safest for pets and plants but does not work well at lower temperatures. All chloride products contribute to pollutant loads in stream If you used Rock Salt remember: Remove as mush ice and snow off paved surfaces as you can. A little salt: Rock salt about a handful per square yard. Calcium chloride should be spread even thinner, about a handful for 3 square yards. Air temperature matters. Rock salt is five time more effective at melting ice at 30 degrees than 20 degrees, and ineffective below 20 degrees. Calcium chloride is better for temperatures down to 0 degrees. Applying early can prevent ice crystals from forming and minimize the amount of salt used overall.

Cutting our Salt Output During Winter

by Joel Allen on 01/07/17

From Lowner Merion Township 2017 page 10

Provided by the Lower Merion Township Environmental Advisory Council.

Research has shown that sodium levels in waterways and groundwater are on the rise and are having a negative effect on human health and our environment.

While we cannot simply stop using salt, there are things we can do to reduce the amount of salt that we use on our properties.

 For instance, you can use playground sand or bird seed on your sidewalks to improve traction and reduce potential slipping hazards.

If you use salt, you should:

Store it in a day place;

Spread a small amount of salt prior to a storm to prevent ice buildup; and

Wet the salt before applying it so it will stick where you want it.

and let's all try applying a little less de-icing salt on our properties.

Earth Day

by Joel Allen on 12/24/16

Earth Day 4/22

Rain Garden workshop Haverford PA

by Joel Allen on 12/24/16

Learn how to build and maintain a Rain Garden yourself.


Philadelphia, PA 24 Hour Notarty

by Joel Allen on 12/17/16

Philadelphia, Pa has a 24 hour Notary. In side the Land Title Building at Broad and Sansom Street. Visit for more information. / For Allen Printing / Publishing & Computers
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My Grandmother Blog Page - There are something she like you to talk about. Please see below.
Mrs. Patience Sloan Blog Page
What makes cut flower last longer?

Best Home Remedy

Lemon-lime Soda
How Much: 1 part lemon-lime soda to 3 parts water
Average 7 to 14 days

Best Overall

Flower Food 300
How Much: 2 tsp. per Quart of water
Average 9 to 14 days

Information from: fine Gardening