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Lunar and Celestial Planets Landscaping and Design:

Lunar and Celestial Landscape is the future of space. Building space habitats on the moon and other celestial planets. 

People visiting these bodies in space will need a bit of mother earth to see feel and smell. 

Selena’s Landscape, Design & Tree Service is here to help space explorer and business with this challenge.

Service include: 

In door Outer Space habitat landscaping with live Plants and Trees.

Outer Space landscaping with artificial Plants and Trees.


7 feet tall Trees
Something for your front door
My name is Selena Allen the President of Selena's Landscape, Design & Tree Service.

I like to take you on a journey into Outer Space Landscaping & Design.
To learn more on that is going on in space, please log on to the sites below. Take the Journey !
Artificial Plants,Artificial Trees

Our mission is to help our customers design and outfit stunning and healthy Space habitats.

We can help you find over 8,000 artificial plants and artificial trees- silk flowers, plants, topiary, and Christmas trees for your outdoor space habitats, including home or office! 

And our pricing is not just competitive and fair.

If this is your first venture into the world of artificial plants and artificial trees, don't be concerned. Even your mother will think they're real! We only work with the best silk plant and tree manufacturers who create high quality, realistic, and contemporary designs to please even the most discerning customer. 

The most convenient aspect is that our faux or fake tree and plant selection will never require water, fertilizer, or pruning. And they last and last and last. 

No matter what fake tree or plant you're searching for, we are most likely find it.
Get started on your indoor Gardens Space Habitat for the further of living in space is coming soon one day mankind will be populating the universe at Selena’s Landscape, Design and Tree Service we see our further in space habitat living. 

We our finding all king of information on plants and trees that sicents are working on that will help mankind live on plants and in space though out our solar system. 

Selena’s Landscape, Design & Tree Service will be ready for this challenge to bring you beautiful Landscape and Design in Space.

We are currently looking for: 


that can see the further in Space. 

Why we need to Study about Trees & Plants? 

Tree and Plants provide us with oxygen, food, fuel and fiber. Among other reasons, scientists study tree and plants to improve and secure the food supply for an increasing world and outer space population, identify new sources of bioactive compounds and medicines, improve fiber production and identify sources of biofuels and bio renewable resources. 

Get started on your indoor Gardens Space Habitat.