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Mosquito Control & Treatment Services &


We offer free evaluations and inspections to determine where mosquitoes are present and whether the services will be successful for your property.

During an evaluation, a technician will assess your property to find areas with standing water where these pests may breed. He/she will also determine if there is enough foliage surrounding your property to create an effective barrier against them. The technician will then make a recommendation regarding the types and frequency of services you need and may provide a custom quote accordingly.

One-Time Mosquito Spray Extermination:

One-time sprays cost between $160 and $300 for a ¼- to ½-acre property. A one-time application will last between one day and three weeks or until any present pupae develop into adults.

A one-time treatment will eliminate breeding habitats and eggs, prevent larvae from hatching, and kill and repel adults. However, only recurring treatments can break the insect’s life cycle and keep the pests away. For outdoor events like weddings, some providers may perform multiple treatments several days apart to account for this factor.

Recurring Treatment Services:

Recurring treatments $150 per visit. We offer seasonal packages at a discount 10% off. Please add Pa sales tax 6%.

During mosquito season, you need treatment every 21 days to coincide with the pests life cycle. A typical season will include between 6 and 12 treatments. In most areas of the country, it runs from March through October. In cooler areas, the season will be shorter. In warmer areas, pros offer services year-round. 

As a result, our treatment eliminates up to 90 percent of mosquitoes from your yard and continues working for up to 21 days!
Average Prices by Mosquito Control Services

Professional service should always include habitat elimination as well as larval and adult control. However, many companies offer more than one choice for adult control.

Spray Yard with Insecticide

Traditional control methods cost $350 to $500 per season and use an insecticide known as a pyrethroid. When applied to foliage, it adheres to leaves. Residual effects last up to 21 days or until the synthetic chemical degrades.

Organic Treatments

These run $70 to $100 each when performed on a recurring basis by a professional. A homeowner can also buy a DIY, hose-end sprayer kit from a local home and garden store for $15 to $20 per 5,000 square feet.

These products contain natural oils that kill adult mosquitoes. Because natural oils degrade quickly in the elements, they offer little residual effect and must be reapplied more frequently, usually every two weeks.

When utilizing organic treatments, homeowners should educate themselves about the active ingredients. Some natural oils are corrosive to finishes on homes and cars. Additionally, some organic pesticides are detrimental to beneficial insects like bees.

Misting Systems

Mosquito misting systems cost $1,000 to $1,800 on average. Exact price depends on the type of unit and the size and layout of your property. Other fees will include insecticide at a rate of $0.50 to $1 per ounce as well as professional installation and maintenance. Misting systems run on an as-needed basis or according to a pre-set schedule.
Prevention Methods & Prices

Aside from professional control, homeowners can reduce the pests on their property with a few simple steps. Since none of these tactics completely eliminate the flying pests, you should also wear bug repellent.

Eliminate or treat standing water. Mosquitoes can breed in as little as a bottle caps worth of water. Dump standing water from inside tires, childrens toys, and tarps. Apply larvicide to puddles and small ponds to prevent the larvae from developing into adults without harming other aquatic life.
Control grass and shrubbery. Mosquitoes rest and take cover from predators in cool, shady places like decorative grasses and plants. Pruning the landscape around your outdoor living space may help keep the insects further from where you spend your time outdoors.

Invest in mosquito-repelling plants. Some people claim that by adding certain types of plants in and around their outdoor spaces, homeowners can repel the pesky bugs from those areas. Homeowners should do their own research on the effectiveness of these plants and to see if they thrive in the local climate.

Lavender - $6 to $10 per plant

Marigolds - $5 to $15 per 6-pack of plants

Citronella Grass - $5 to $7 per plant

Catnip - $5 to $10 per plant

Rosemary - $5 to $7 per plant

Basil - About $5 per plant

Scented Geraniums - $7 to $15 per plant


Are you planning an outdoor wedding, graduation party or another outdoor event? Don’t let buzzing, and biting mosquitoes ruin your special day. Our special event sprays will keep mosquitoes off your guest list.
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Automated Property Treatment Systems
Imagine having a system that was able to treat your whole yard for anything you might need to apply. With Sprinkler Magician you can automatically get rid of mosquitoes and biting pests. How about fertilizing the whole property – easy! In fact, it can do all this;

• Natural Pest Control
• Natural Deer Repellent
• Organic Fertilizing
• Water Conservation
• Organic Fragrances
• Rust Stain Elimination
• Various Other Natural Pest Repellents

Sprinkler Magician can automatically apply anything you currently hand apply to your yard. Think of the convenience and savings in time. Plus it never does a bad job or takes a day off!